Thursday, November 8, 2007

Lets dig out what Mysql is ? and Why to use it ?

Whatever database you use for your data managing system, purpose of those would be to ease its user to bring his data in organized form with securiy promise,but question that makes confuse to mostt of the users is which database should be favourable ?Whether choosed database promises him to meet his requirements or will make him halt on his way? How much Cost he'll have to suffer for getting License for choosed database ? Is that reliable ? Is that supports database crash recovery ?

Your mind boils like :This database ? No ! That database ? No ! which Database then ?
Lemm'e bring some ease for you, use Mysql and forget all these questions as Mysql promises you to gain answers against all of your questions that boils of your mind.

Lets find out what Mysql is ? Why to use it and what benifits it can give you without any cost.

what is Mysql ?

MYSQL is an open source database system that totaly relies upon Structured Query Language (SQL) for data operations and database operations . As it is Open Source so it is Free to enjoy .This feature makes it Bug free, as thorougly tested by Mysql fans and they gives guarantee about is reliabily.The magic that makes Mysql different then others is its technique for data organization, as it uses relationship concepts for it for a unique ,reliable and Fast mode of data organization.

Why use Mysql ?

However, What Mysql is doesn't make someone to realize why he should use Mysql so lets discuss it.
MySQL is famous because it serves well with all the major programming languages and can be configured and installed on almost all major operating systems. As it is open source, so it is constantly undergoing improvement in reliabilty,operations and security, and it is free if users follow the License (GNU) General Public License. The most common reason to use MySQL is that it is required for many popular pieces of software operating on your web server.

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